SHRIMP – We cook and clean our shrimp daily to perfection. Offered in two sizes: Medium (60 count) and Jumbo (30 count). Available in shell, shelled, deveined & butterflied.

Our Shrimp are always top quality that can be trusted. Shrimp can be cooked in any number of ways: broiled, grilled, boiled, pan fried, and breaded and deep fried. Shrimp can also be added to all kinds of dishes including sautes, soups, pastas, and stews. Shrimp cocktail, where shrimp are boiled for approximately 5-7 minutes and then chilled and served with a dipping sauce, is a popular way to enjoy this tasty seafood.

Our sizes are Medium (41 to 50 ct.), Large (31 to 35 ct.), Jumbo (16 to 20 ct.) and Colossal (under 10 count).

STONE CRAB CLAWS – Stone crab claws are cooked immediately after harvest to prevent the meat from sticking to the inside of the shell. This highly nutritious meat is considered a delicacy and is usually served cracked in the shell with a mustard sauce. The meat resembles lobster in appearance and flavor. Medium, Large, Jumbo & Colossal are the commercial sizes.



CLAMS – Cherrystone, top neck, little neck, steamers Cherrystones, Top Necks & Little Necks The larger the clam, the less it costs per dozen, and the tough meat lends itself well to fried strips or chowders. Smaller clams like the Atlantic littlenecks are tender enough to be eaten raw on the half shell, steamed with butter and lemon, or cooked into savory soups. Cherrystone and butter clams are just the right size for stuffing.

CONCH – From the Caicos Islands, we'll tenderize for you. Conch meat is most easily cooked by tenderizing and sauté, fry, steam, grill or eat raw.


BLUE CRABS – Live, Cleaned, Spiced, or Garlic Blue crabs (hard shells) are known for their rich flavored meat and are found along Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts. A shallow water crab, it can live in salt, fresh and brackish waters of bays, sounds, channels and river mouths. They are omnivorous, feeding on plants and animals. During the winter months, blue crabs move into deeper water and enter a state of semi-hibernation.

MARYLAND CRAB MEAT – fresh or pasteurized  Claw - Dark Meat Excellent For Stuffing or Crab Cakes
Cocktail Claw - Claw Is Attached and Is used for Horsdouevers
Backfin - Light Meat Lump From Smaller Crab, Use For Salads Stuffing and Crab Cakes
Special - Small White Body Meat for Salads, Stuffing, Crab Meat.
Jumbo Lump - Light Meat Large Chunks used for Cocktails, Salads, and Ect.

SOFT SHELL CRABS - Soft-shell blue crabs are hard blue crabs that were captured when they were ready to molt (called peelers) and held in water-filled trays until their old shell has shed. They are available live, fresh or frozen. Excellent fried, sautéed or grilled. Ask us to clean them for you.

CRAYFISH – Crayfish, like lobster, are eaten with the hands; a juicy, messy treat best savored by sucking the meat out of the tail. The soft-shell variety can be eaten whole, but for the two calcium stones (called gastroliths) used to create a new shell. To remove them, snip off the eyes and mouth and squeeze out the two stones.

August 15 thru March 31
An uncooked spiny lobster shell turns a bright red-orange when cooked. Spiny lobster tails can be boiled, steamed, grilled or broiled. Most of the meat is located in the tail. We offer tails only which makes the lobster easier to handle. The meat can be removed from the shell and used in many recipes. FROZEN TAILS - available year round.

MAINE LOBSTER – Live, Steamed or Tails only
Boil, bake or broil live lobster. Or have us steam & split it for you, then just stuff the body with Delaware’s famous seafood stuffing and reheat in oven with melted butter on top of meat. Sitting down to a whole lobster per person makes sense, but there are other ways to enjoy a more modest serving, as in a pasta dish with a sauce based on a classic French entree.

MUSSELS – Live Maine or Green Lip

OYSTERS – In the shell Or shucked & pasteurized standard or select.
Oysters are high in minerals and one of nature’s richest sources of iron; eight ounces provide 13.2 milligrams or 73% of the maximum adult daily iron requirement (18 milligrams). They can be fried, baked, steamed, broiled or microwave and can be served as appetizers, main dishes, side dishes or salads. Oyster stew attests to the delicious flavor of the cooked oyster in its own broth. There is risk associated with consuming raw oysters for people with compromised immune systems. Visit & choose oysters for more info.

SCUNGILLI - Rhode Island Conch

SQUID - Cleaned or Ringed

TURTLE MEAT - Freshwater, great for chowders

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