ALASKAN KING CRAB LEGS – This delicious giant can measure up to 10 feet, claw to claw, and it isn’t unusual for it to weigh 10 to 15 pounds. The delicately flavored meat is snowy white and edged with a beautiful bright red. It’s found in the northern Pacific and, because it’s most abundant around Alaska and Japan, it is also referred to as Alaska king crab and Japanese king crab. Because the species is rapidly dwindling, the catch of king crab is rigidly quota-controlled.




DOVER SOLE – The excellent quality of the flesh and its good keeping qualities in frozen storage have made Dover Sole one of the more important fishes in this category on. Microwaved, poached or steamed. Baked or broiled fish may be coated with a marinade to prevent moisture loss if needed. Dover Sole, like other Flatfish, is a very soft, moist fish that is vulnerable to mushiness if cooked too long. Brevity of cooking time is the general rule for most seafood, but is essential for Sole and Flounder.

ESCARGOT IN BRIOCHE – Just heat frozen @ 350 for 12 minutes. The pastry is delicious and makes a perfect appetizer. Made in France.

ESCARGOTS SURGELES – In shell with delicious garlic butter. Makes a perfect appetizer just heat frozen and serve. Made in France.

FINNAN HADDIE – Finnan haddie is partially boned, lightly salted and smoked haddock. It was originally smoked over peat fires, a rarity now in wide commercial production. In the British Isles, finnan haddie has long been a favorite breakfast dish. Though once exclusively from Scotland, it’s now being produced in New England and other eastern coastal states. It’s available whole or in fillets and can be refrigerated, tightly wrapped, for up to a month. Finnan haddie is best baked, broiled or poached. It’s generally served with a cream sauce.

LANGOSTINOS – Tail meat that looks like shrimp but taste like lobster. A compliment to any dish.

LOBSTER MEAT –  Maine lobster meat, is delicious in salads or any dish asking for cooked lobster meat.


GREENLIPPED MUSSELS – The green-lipped mussel is imported from New Zealand (which is why it’s also called New Zealand green mussel) and has a large (3 to 4 inches long), bright green shell. Available frozen only.

ORANGE ROUGHY FILLET – An all-purpose white-fleshed fish similar to ocean perch. The meat is firm, low in fat, and mild in flavor. Suitable for nearly all white-flesh fillet cooking styles, such as poaching, baking, broiling, and frying.

SALTED COD – (Bacala) Cod can be preserved by smoking, salting or drying. Salt cod, an important staple in many tropical countries because of its storage properties, has been salted and dried. It’s used to make the popular French dish. Needs to be soaked for several days in the refrigerator. Change water daily. Popular Italian Dish during the holidays.

SCUNGILLI – available cooked. Scungilli is naturally tough and must use gentle

cooking. The Italians make a garlicky dish of scungilli cooked in a tomato sauce

flavored with basil, oregano and hot pepper seeds. It is also good thinly sliced

and served in a salad.

SHRIMP-ROCK – Rock shrimp cook more quickly than other shrimp. To boil,

drop in a pot of boiling salted water, stir and after 35 seconds pour into a

colander and rinse with cold water. To broil, place four inches from the source

of heat for two minutes or until the meat turns opaque. 

Alaska, it is referred to as Alaska Snow Crab.GREENLIPPED MUSSELS – The green-lipped mussel is

imported from New Zealand (which is why it’s also called New Zealand green mussel) and has a large (3 to 4 inches long), bright green shell. Available frozen only.


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